”Within one hour, we’d had a business idea and we started to develop it further.”

We interviewed three participants about their experience at the first Peloton Smart Retro Innovation Camp in Lahti.

What were your expectations for the camp?

”An international crowd interested in developing cities.”
Ulla-Maija Kemppi, Citycon


”New contacts. Expertise that we lack ourselves. Technical know-how.”
Topi Saari, Meido


”That it would open up new markets for us.”
Måns Andersson, Gamla Enskede Lådcycklar


What was the experience like?

”It was a very different way of working from what I’m normally used to. The camp forces you to diversify the way you work.” TS

”The atmosphere was communicative, there were nice people. Everyone was interested in everyone else. There was this positive feeling of doing things together.” UMK

”Within one hour, we’d had a business idea and we started to develop it further.” MA

”The camp was well organised. There’d be no results unless Demos Helsinki was here to keep things in order.” UMK

”This has been much more fun than any other programme we’ve been part of.” MA

What did you get out of the camp?

”Very potential partnership leads.” TS

”Useful tips on contacts who are looking for something like our service.” TS

”Overall, it’s been affirming to us that we’ve been selected to take part in this in the first place. If one partner sees the potential in us, then soon, many others will see it too.” TS

”This is definitely something I’ve learned: big business has an interest in startups.” MA

”I’ve never been to a startup acceleration programme with so much common ground between the participants.” MA

What are your expectations for the next phase?

”In Stockholm we’ll get further into the same things.” TS

”More detailed, practical planning. We’ll draw up the specifics for our new business plan.” MA

”Everyone now has two months to work on their ideas – it’ll be great to see the next phase. We’ll have four more local companies joining us in Stockholm. That’ll be interesting.” UMK

The next Peloton Smart Retro Innovation Camp will take place in Stockholm on 21–22 January. You can read the new baseline report, Smart Retro – Novel Way to Develop Cities, here.