Demos Helsinki työpaikkana

What does Demos Helsinki do?

Demos Helsinki is an incubator that works with the public sector, companies and NGOs to create a sustainable and democratic post-industrial society. Demos Helsinki brings different people and organizations together, offers consulting services and creates new types of thinking and operating models that solve the most significant societal challenges of our time. Read more about our organization here .


Demos Helsinki as a workplace

As a workplace, Demos Helsinki is a community that is made together. All of us at Demos have a duty and a desire to make Demos Helsinki a dream job, the best place to work for social change.

Demos employees are united by curiosity, a desire to build social change, and identify the big questions that follow. The house has social scientists, social psychologists, economists, engineers, philosophers, designers as well as urban scientists. The more diverse our expertise develops, the more confident we will be able to meet the challenges of the world in the future as well. We are a growing group and we work with a large network of partners. You can learn more about the demos here .

Töihin Demos Helsinkiin?

We are constantly looking to meet new people – feel free to come to our events and chat with us. You can get the best information about upcoming events by following the Demos Helsinki Facebook group , page,  Twitter account and LinkedIn

If you wish, you can also submit an open application from the link below.

Jätä avoin hakemus

We are hiring an Office and Community Manager

Onko sinulle tärkeää auttaa ihmisiä menestymään työssään ja kehittää työyhteisöjä? Haluatko olla mukana tekemässä yhteiskunnistamme oikeudenmukaisempia ja kestävämpiä?

Haemme henkilöä Office & Community Manager -rooliin vastaamaan toimistotiloihin ja yhteisöjohtamiseen, tapahtumatuotantoon ja henkilöstöhallintoon liittyvistä tehtävistä. Ajan myötä sinulla on mahdollisuus kasvaa asiantuntijana johtamaan koko yhteisömme työntekijäkokemusta.

Hakulomakkeen (englanniksi) löydät täältä.

Apply (in English) here