Katri Sarkia

Managing Director


+358 50 528 1070

As Managing Director, Katri looks out for, well, to put it short: everything! Leading societal transformations means we need the right capacities, relevant projects, new opportunities, and enough financial stability to be able to create impact. At the core of all of this are the people. Katri is the one we turn to when we need help, when the unexpected happens, or when we have new ideas to increase our relevance. She steers us in the right direction through constant support to the team while always keeping in mind the bigger picture: why are we doing this and what is the change we are working for. In line with our work philosophy, Katri also takes part in relevant projects, as does our entire leadership.

Prior to working with us at Demos Helsinki, Katri has gained vast public servant experience. She has worked in the Government and international organisations in contexts like the UN and the EU.

But Katri doesn’t only chop up problems, after work you can also find her enjoying chopping logs! The real magic happens afterwards when the logs are piled in a perfect manner: loose enough to let the wood dry, but steady enough to stand stable. Impressive!