Experimentation Framework – The Prime Minister’s Office of United Arab Emirates

Demos Helsinki is currently working with the UAE Prime Minister’s Office to create a comprehensive experimentation framework.


The Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates wanted to explore how experimentation could help the government to think more creatively, explore the sphere of unknown, reduce risk of failure, and systematically test what works and what does not. Demos Helsinki started collaboration with the PMO in 2017. After designing a prototype of an experimentation model, Demos Helsinki assisted the MBRCGI to connect experimentation to the national innovation strategy. In 2018, a wide range of government departments and ministries were brought together to define human-centric long-term purposes and actionable missions, which aim for transformational changes in society. The Experimentation Model will be designed to help the government to look for innovative, non-obvious ways to help the realisation of societal missions.