Refuse Normal. Imagine the Unimagined. Experiment Together.

Untitled is a global alliance, founded in 2020 and coordinated by Demos Helsinki. It aims to reimagine the central institutions of our society and to experiment on how to build them. The annual Untitled Festival provides a space for imagining together and developing and promoting experiments.

Untitled brings together an unlikely group of member organizations, activists, and professionals who see that there is no return to normal, want to imagine the building blocks of a new kind of societies and are capable of initiating transformative experiments to make the change tangible. The alliance includes actors from different sectors and countries, for instance, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, the US, and the UK.

“Change has to come from different worlds. From artists to policy makers. From hackers to informal workers.”

Untitled’s goal is brave: to imagine a new direction for the world in the next decade and to experiment with different ways to achieve the desired outcome. In 2020, the global mood was been darkened by both economic worries and the stress created by the coronavirus regarding health and the limits of freedom. The least privileged have suffered the most. It has also spread the idea of a transformative moment in history. Many actors want to affect a future that is better and fairer than in the past. Untitled provides a platform to influence systematically and, above all, together.

“What everyone involved has in common is that we all see the changing world and crises as an opportunity to reimagine the building blocks of society.”

The alliance members have launched experiments that will be taken forward during Untitled‘s 10-year period. The first Untitled Festival in September 2020 was a starting point for many experiments, such as:

→ Ylva, one of the Untitled founders, is a corporate activist aiming to transform real estate and construction business towards regenerative. As part of Untitled, Ylva runs experiments in their properties.

The TOKEN project is experimenting with new radical possibilities to increase the government’s transparency by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

An experiment by The Trampery reimagines a new curriculum for the world’s entrepreneurs.

In addition to pressing societal themes and experiments, art plays a key role at Untitled to enable us to imagine the unimaginable and to relate to each other.

“Untitled combines both the left and right side of the brain in their activities, where logic and intellect meet with imagination and arts.”