Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé

Leading Researcher


+358 40 070 8178

Kaisa works with one foot in the practical, one in research. She is our in-house Docent, i.e, Adjunct Professor in Strategic Planning for Urban Sustainability at Tampere University. She is happy to be on-call on this topic and on anything related to regenerative, joyful cities. Kaisa is not a fan of ivory towers, but prefers staying close to the practices that shape our cities. This means, e.g., future-proofing cities, so that cities can stop burdening the planet. She is a generalist–urbanist or someone who is specialised in cities in general.

Kaisa is a seasoned researcher with an academic background from Aalto University (Dr.Sc. in Land Use Planning) and the University of Helsinki (Lic.Phil. in Planning Geography).

At Demos Helsinki, Kaisa has been working on, e.g., the Sustainable City programme (co-ordinated by the Ministry of the Environment in Finland) and several Horizon projects, such as NetZeroCities and Regions4Climate.

Kaisa is also a cineast who has archived every single cinema ticket during her lifetime. No wonder she is hoping to use film theory also in her future academic work!