CO3: COntinuous COnstruction of resilient social COntracts

The CO3 project is dedicated to the development and promotion of a democratic, inclusive, and open model of social contracts, embodying political and social resilience in the face of significant societal challenges, crises, and anti-democratic tendencies.

Objectives and scope

CO3 aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of social contracts and their resilience through the investigation of eight case studies within the EU and three from non-member states. By fostering anticipatory policymaking, CO3 seeks to enhance sensemaking regarding the construction, dimensions, and resilience of social contracts.

Challenges to address

The social contract encounters mounting challenges in contemporary society stemming from societal and social disintegration, leading to friction and distrust among citizens towards democratic institutions. Factors such as the recent financial crisis, climate crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated disengagement among citizens and widened discrepancies within European politics.

Approach and methodologies

CO3 will adopt a multimethod approach, including empirical case studies, ethnography, participatory art interventions, structured and semi-structured interviews, surveys, systematic literature reviews, media and thematic analysis, interpretive political analysis, social media analysis, secondary data analysis, democracy lab methodology, Delphi method and scenarios. The project will employ various communication channels, such as websites, social media, newsletters, webinars, media appearances, and policy recommendations to disseminate findings and engage stakeholders.

Projected impact and end date

By synthesising high-level academic research results and establishing mechanisms to promote resilient, inclusive and democratic social contracts, CO3 aims to foster democratic citizen involvement across Europe. The project is slated to conclude on 31 January 2027.


The CO3 project addresses the pressing challenges facing contemporary social contracts. Through rigorous research, innovative methodologies, and extensive stakeholder engagement, CO3 aspires to contribute to cultivating resilient social contracts conducive to democratic citizen involvement and wellbeing.

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Anna Björk
Team Lead, Leading Researcher