Anna Björk

Team Lead, Leading Researcher

+358 44 508 5404

Anna is a political scientist whose academic love affairs include research on political concepts, societal impacts of emerging technologies, and temporality. Her current and upcoming research analyses societal transformations from the perspectives of the EU digital policy, contemporary social contracts, and inclusivity. Alongside doing research, Anna is also working closely with her colleagues in developing and implementing the Demos Helsinki research agenda as well as our academic research operations.

Before joining us, Anna worked several years in academia as well as in consultancy. After completing her PhD and postdoctoral projects based on the mix of citizenship studies, parliamentarism, and conceptual history, Anna has been happily applying research angles to policy-oriented research projects in collaboration with ministries and the parliament in Finland, on, e.g,. algorithmic discrimination, mission-oriented policy, and gender equality.

Anna’s Demos Helsinki -based projects include, e.g., the European Commission funded projects KT4D (Knowledge Technologies for Democracy) and CommuniCity as well as the previously published Avoiding AI biases, an assessment framework for non-discriminatory AI systems.

Outside work, Anna spends quite a bit of time dreaming about skiing (downhill) and actually manages to also explore this dream every now and then. Meanwhile, the other half of her brain is preoccupied with random things having something to do with music.