Thilo Thelitz

Junior Expert

Thilo’s expertise lies in the analysis of language and its intersection with computer science, but he also brings an interest and curiousity for a broad range of issues in the modern world. Having experienced a variety of education systems during his studies, Thilo brings an international and multilingual perspective to any work he does, and is eager to keep learning.

Thilo has applied his background in English studies and computational linguistics to a variety of assistant positions while studying, for example working as a research assistant for the Swiss MS Registry, or developing an interactive visualization of language history for a project at the Department of Slavonic Languages and Literatures at the University of Zurich. Thilo has also been busy putting on events in student organizations across Europe.

At Demos, Thilo is helping Europe figure out the future of AI systems and how policy should respond to it in the Knowledge Technology for Democracy project, among other projects.

When not working on the future, Thilo is trying to regain lost memories of his D&D character in the Feywild, or learning how to make video games.