Ly Le

Junior Expert

Ly is a Junior Expert at Demos Helsinki whose work involves communication and marketing. She ensures that Demos Helsinki’s work is communicated in the right narrative setting, to the right people, at the right time. Her working (and pretty much living as well) principles are: 1) “Creativity is based on research” and 2) “Communication is key.”

While Ly gained her business skills theoretically from the International Business bachelor program at Aalto University, she also has a couple of years of experience in digital marketing, ranging from philanthropy and sustainability student-led clubs to an EdTech startup company based in Mikkeli. Simultaneously, she actively participated in sustainability-related hackathons and entrepreneurship-themed programs. She believes that Sustainability and Marketing are not a paradoxical combo but, in fact, a dynamic duo. She also has a deep obsession with food, whether it’s food recipes or food waste. As a personal interest, she self-learns about the food system and enjoys discussing it with other Demosians. 

Besides food, she loves coffee, especially the café ambiance. As a homebody, Ly tries to incorporate such a theme into her apartment every weekend morning, drinking Vietnamese coffee and listening to some laid-back bossa nova jazz. Sometimes, you might come across her sitting in a corner of a café shop because observing people is also a way for her to recharge.