Roosa Laakso

Our Junior Expert Roosa Laakso is known for her expertise in SDG governance, just transitions and citizen engagement.

With a background in International Business and Master studies in Creative Sustainability from Aalto University, Roosa has a thorough knowledge of creating sustainability transformation in companies, cities and on a governmental level. Her bachelor’s thesis focused on implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals into corporate strategy in large Finnish corporations. Having previously worked with the national SDG implementation at the Prime Minister’s Office and covering human rights and sustainable development themes at the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations in New York, Roosa brings a wealth of experience in national and international sustainability governance.

At Demos Helsinki, Roosa is engaged in two major European projects tackling global solutions to fight and adapt to climate change: NetZeroCities and Regions4Climate. Outside of work, Roosa loves testing out different public saunas in Helsinki and organizing delicious dinner and brunch parties with friends. She is also a heavy podcast consumer, always looking for new recommendations for interesting shows.