Theo Cox, he/him

Senior Expert

+358 40 137 4295

Theo works in the Emancipatory Economy team at Demos Helsinki. With his colleagues and collaborators he works to reimagine the core tenets of our economic paradigm, and build inclusive and inspiring visions of new economies. He’s particularly interested in how post-growth and post-capitalist futures can be explored without causing allergic reactions, and how the work of economics can address the complex linkages between diverse natural and social systems.


Prior to joining Demos Helsinki, Theo has worked as a researcher and consultant, having worked with organizations such as the European Commission, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, US Government Finance Officer’s Association and the UK Government. His varied career has seen him undertake everything from project management and qualitative research through to running webinars and participatory strategy processes.


Despite being a very peaceful and relaxed person Theo’s two personal loves are rap music and martial arts, and he’s just as confused by this seeming contradiction as everyone else. He can often be found talking to anyone who will listen about the cultural significance of the Wu-Tang Clan or training in MMA, Brazilian Jiujitsu or Muay Thai (although he’s currently on hiatus trying to sort out the 10 years of damage he’s done to his body in the process).