Theo Cox

Senior Expert

+358 40 137 4295 / +447 54 243 7499

Theo is our first port of call for all things heterodox economics and political economy, although, when pressed, he’ll quietly admit to an education as a more traditional economist. In recent years, he’s developed particular expertise around global polycrisis and what this means for systemic transformation; in an organisation fighting for a joyful next era, this gives him the conflicting honour of being the go-to person for anything slightly gloomy.

Prior to joining Demos Helsinki, Theo worked as a researcher and consultant. His career has seen him collaborate with organisations such as the European Commission, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, US Government Finance Officers Association, and the UK Government Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. This work has seen him undertake everything from project management and qualitative research through to running participatory strategy processes. He’s currently also bringing his vision of the new economy to life as director of a community land trust in his home city of Bristol.

In his time at Demos Helsinki, Theo has led work with the Laudes Foundation investigating how new narratives might support a just transition of the built environment and research for the Foundation for European Progressive Studies into the impact of algorithmic management in workplaces across the Nordics. He has also played a key role in Demos Helsinki’s major partnership with the UNDP to support innovative local economic development approaches across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Despite being a very peaceful and relaxed person, Theo’s two personal loves are hyper-aggressive rap music and martial arts. He’s just as confused by this seeming contradiction as everyone else. Theo can often be found talking to anyone who will listen about the cultural significance of the Wu-Tang Clan or training MMA.