Ifeoma Kulmala

People Lead


+358 50 365 8993

Ifi’s work at Demos is focused on all things people. Her job is to ensure that people-related matters are handled in a way that is not only smooth-functioning, but also serves the goals of our impact model, reinforces the values we want commit to in our everyday work and supports the well-being of our community.


She has studied Social and Moral Philosophy at the University of Helsinki. Prior to Demos, she has worked as the COO of Do Company. There her job included supporting impact entrepreneurship and turning academics into action through both different external projects, workshops and accelerators, and the internal work of managing a team in a way that encourages ownership, immediate agency and skill-building.


Outside the office she enjoys sports – mainly football and rugby union – and all thing sci-fi and fantasy, especially board games of epic length.