Yu-Yi Huynh



How can citizen engagement transform cities? If you’re searching for the answer, no need to look further: Yu-Yi is here to help! Her knowledge of citizen engagement processes and participation is sought after. Justice in climate action is something we value deeply and Yu-Yi is an expert in its implementation in a city context. Her heart beats for understanding and supporting the people who make a city: civil servants, decision-makers, residents, and communities. She works with their complexity, power, tensions, and potentials – and how to best bring these actors together to build fairer cities together.


It’s all about cities for Yu-Yi: research and concrete guidance, municipalities, and international city networks – she has worked with the topics of democratic innovations in cities on multiple levels even before her time at Demos Helsinki.


At Demos Helsinki, Yu-Yi is working with local governments to develop models and tools for better engaging citizens in climate action. She is also working on the Horizon Europe-funded NetZeroCities project and supporting cities involved in the EU Mission for “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030.”


Outside the office, Yu-Yi is a self-proclaimed expert in all matters tofu! Be sure to ask for the best tofu tips and tricks as she even knows how to make delicious tofu from scratch!