Cecilia af Hällström



Cecilia’s expertise lies in circular economy approaches to decarbonisation. She strives to ensure that societal change happens on grassroots levels. She works on circular economy transitions through cross-sectoral partnerships that contribute to wider systemic change as well as organisational sustainability strategies. Cecilia is curious about how humanity could collectively understand its place as part of the natural world, rather than simply living in it.


Cecilia has an interdisciplinary background in Social Sciences, with a focus on Political Science. Her overarching interest in society and its building blocks drives her continued endeavour in understanding the strange human condition. She has experience from working as a journalist, which further developed her curiosity and tendency for asking questions. 


At Demos Helsinki, Cecilia works with the preparation of the Circular Economy Green Deal, aiming to accelerate Finland’s transition to a low-carbon circular economy. 


Cecilia’s free time revolves around vegan food: in addition to cooking and eating vegan treats, she’s always on the lookout for the best new dishes restaurants have to offer.