Understanding the future of health

We help the health sector take pivotal steps towards the future.

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Healthcare is no longer a business just for traditional health actors, such as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. New actors across society are participating in solving the wicked problems in health, such as aging population and increasing chronic diseases, and supporting well-being – alongside with the traditional healthcare sector. Various operators from food companies to non-profit organizations are interested in wellbeing. At the same time society still needs to guarantee everyone the right for healthcare. The task is not an easy one, thanks to the wicked problems in health.


We help both traditional and modern healthcare professionals identify their role in solving the wicked problems related to health. We recognize the varying demands of different professionals since we have worked with both private and public actors in the field. We connect global megatrends, such as digitalization, to the health sector. Providing understanding of the future enables the health sector to carry out bold new ideas and business models.

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