Leena Alanko (on leave)


+358 50 537 3393

Leena works to ensure that Demos Helsinki is focusing on the right questions related to the future of economic paradigms and how everyone can be included in the battle against the climate crisis. Identifying impact opportunities, helping our projects run smoothly towards their goals, and everyone feeling motivated and safe in their teams are some of Leena’s key accountabilities. She also works as a senior expert in projects related to social sustainability and wellbeing as well as the future of civil society. 

Leena has a strong interest in finding ways to increase everyone’s capabilities and wellbeing. Prior to Demos Helsinki, Leena has, for example, worked in socially engaged art projects and, subsequently, sees art as a necessary element in the transformation towards just, fair, and sustainable societies. Leena’s educational background is in sociology.

Leena has several years of expertise working especially with the public sector and NGOs. The past couple of years, she has focused on developing the concept of the wellbeing economy and its implementation, advanced an ecologically sustainable social and healthcare sector, and identified what kind of support and collaboration is needed between public sector and civil society actors to reach a sustainable and flourishing civil society in the future. 

Leena enjoys dancing, alarm-free mornings and drafting quizzes about random topics.