Leena Alanko

Senior Consultant


+358 50 537 3393

Leena Alanko (M. Soc. Sci)  is specialized in supporting public administrations and NGOs to understand how large societal trends are changing the ways these institutions operate in the future. Alanko has varied experience in formulating future-proof strategies and services using foresight and co-creation methods. Alanko holds a Master’s degree in Sociology.

Leena’s core competencies are:

  • Changes in health and wellbeing
  • Vision and strategy processes
  • Co-creation and foresight

Leena has been creating housing concepts and Neighborhoods to support citizen’s Everyday life and well-being. One of the projects is Y-Lab in which she created affordable, sustainable and high-quality urban housing services together with Tenants.

“It is becoming more crucial to provide both affordable housing and high-quality services to meet citizen’s needs. This is how we will promote the overall well-being of our urban areas.

Before Demos Helsinki, Leena worked as a project Coordinator at Tekes (Business Finland) and as a producer for the Finnish art duo ‘Nutty Tarts’.

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