Organisations in the Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic response has alerted all organisations to reimagine their way of working. It is crucial not to bounce back, but to take a leap forward. Come join us to be a part of the solution.

Pressures for societal transformation have been mounting for at least a decade. These growing pressures combined with a large-scale global crisis will lead societies to face exceptional circumstances. It creates challenges but also unique opportunities for companies, public organisations and NGOs to determine the direction of change following the crisis. The world will not bounce back to what we knew before.

Right now, there’s a need for changemakers that ask the most relevant questions, find the most promising answers and solve the right problems. The organisations and actors most prepared for navigating the uncertainty of societal change are the ones who have a role in setting the stage for societal development. These organisations can make decisions to solve the immediate crisis without decreasing our capability to build a better future.

The organisations most prepared for navigating the uncertainty of societal change are the ones who have a role in setting the stage for societal development.

Demos Helsinki has focused on building a sustainable and fair societal transformation for 15 years. We want to ensure that as societies and organisations plan for a better world especially when the immediate future looks scary. The coming leap forward should not be done randomly, and we should not be fooled by looking back.

Let’s leap into the future

▪️ Organisations should Reimagine their agency

▪️ People should build Capacities for transformation

▪️ Local administration to address the role of Cities in and after corona

▪️ We need to develop an Anticipation machine that goes beyond single expressions of analysis and creates a living synthesis of the future 

Reimagine Agency

Our current system is built on continuous growth, whether it concerns profits, wages, or tax revenue. Suddenly, we find ourselves in a situation where this progress is interrupted. This crisis must be seen as an opportunity to create a new, more sustainable, economic way of acting.

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Capacities of Transformation

The methods for governance designed in the 1900s will no longer suffice. We need to rethink how our governments are organized and how they operate in an increasingly complex, non-linear and interconnected world. We need Next Era Governments.

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Cities In And After Corona

We have the window open to rethink the new ways of urban living, working and moving. The important topics of this urban era, including fighting climate crisis and developing the people-first approach for smart cities, have not disappeared anywhere, actually exactly the opposite.

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Anticipation Machine

Organisations need to understand the potential ramifications of the changes in the economic system and broaden their analysis to incorporate possible large scale economic shifts. Foresight is vital at times like these to update the picture of the biggest uncertainties within the economic system.

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