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Traditional industries need to figure out their role in the post-industrial era. Technological disruptions, increasing understanding of environmental and social costs of current operational models, and distrust in traditional institutions ability to solve global challenges are rapidly changing the operating environment of businesses. The operational models that created value in the past do not solve the challenges they create. Thus, the right question to ask is what kind of role companies will take in the future?


The current transformation of the operational environment leads to a situation, where the societal role of companies, the approach to corporate strategy, and business models will be radically altered. We help companies to navigate in the changing world and renegotiate their societal role. With our broad perspective of the ongoing societal transformation, we push companies to become forerunners. Our radical strategy approach helps companies to find bold future visions, identify and launch future-proof strategies and create the future with new partnerships and experiments.

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“Demos Helsinki has a great approach, highly creative, innovative and thoughtful but founded on sound evidence and research where possible.”

Shaun Hazeldine, Head – Innovation and Futures, Partnerships Division, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


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Lead, Strategic Initiatives

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Senior Expert

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