Johannes Nuutinen

Lead, Strategic Initiatives

+358 45 203 3123

Leading societal transformations is no easy task that we have chosen here at Demos Helsinki. It requires constant strategic planning and new initiatives. Luckily, Johannes brings clarity to all the ambiguity surrounding half-drawn visions of impact. This means finding the relevant concrete steps to implement new forms of collaboration or even the most difficult societal interventions. He is always on the lookout for new forms of building up our impact. Johannes is a generalist, but especially all things economic systems, geopolitics, industrial policies, and trade get him excited.

We’re lucky to have had Johannes with us for a long time. His path to us was somewhat exceptional: he was the co-founder of the think tank Avanto Helsinki, which was acquired by Demos Helsinki in 2015.

At Demos Helsinki, Johannes has worked on institutional transformations with partners from all sectors: public, private, and the third, both in Finland and internationally. He has gained recognition for building impactful projects from scratch.

Johannes also has a hidden talent: fatherhood has made him a true master of crafting paper dolls!