Otso Sillanaukee



+358 50 544 5922

Otso works in the Expanding Agency in Decarbonization team at Demos Helsinki, helping to set in motion and Accelerate transformative change, including  making tangible what Everyday life, business and society would look like in a 1.5-degree world.


Otso’s work Ranges from working at the grassroots level with advancing sustainable lifestyles, to Exploring how private and public sector organizations could Transform to navigate the path to a fair, sustainable and joyous future. If you are interested in Collaborating on sustainable lifestyles , circularity or sustainable development in general, Otso is your human.


Prior to working at Demos Helsinki, Otso has worked in the banking and design fields, and also as an entrepreneur Exploring alternatives for living a sustainable and circular lifestyle. Otso is the author of Zero Waste and the Zero Waste blog is about sustainable lifestyles . In his Masters thesis, Otso researched business models capable of promoting systemic change in the global textile domain. Otso brings his theory and real-life experiences to his daily work and is curious about various topics ranging from wellbeing to food and ecology.


Otso holds a Masters degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Creative Sustainability program at Aalto University School of Business.


Outside of work, Otso is usually found in the kitchen or drawing up plans for the cottage garden. Both strongly influenced by a desire to learn and understand more about humans as part of all the life on Earth.