Otso Sillanaukee




Otso is a consultant in the New Horizons team. In his work Otso focuses on accelerating transitions to sustainable lifestyles and society. Otso has experience in communication, interaction, and coordinating large multi-stakeholder projects.

Otso is especially interested in:

  • Making sustainable lifestyles easier for people
  • Growing business’ handprint on the planet
  • Systems change for a regenerative future
Otso is a Master of Business Administration and Management from Aalto University School of Business’ multi-disciplinary Creative Sustainability Master’s program. Otso has a blog and Instagram account about low-carbon and low-waste lifestyle called Nollahukka. In his thesis Otso researched business models capable of reducing the negative environmental impacts of the global textile domain on a system level.

In his free time, Otso enjoys spending time in the Finnish archipelago, vintage hunting, and reading cookbooks.