Monika Keisala

Junior Expert

Monika is a valued member of our team, particularly known for her expertise in DEI strategy. With a background in HR development, adult learning, and fostering diversity in the workplace, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Monika is deeply engaged in our future of care project, where she’s working towards creating environments where everyone feels valued and supported. Additionally, Monika is pivotal in advancing our occupational wellbeing practices and enhancing our workplace environment alongside our People Lead, Ifeoma.

Before Monika joined us at Demos Helsinki, she was studying at the University of Turku. During her time there, she was actively involved in anti-racist movements, including her time as the co-chair of the equality wing of Turku Student Union. One of her notable achievements was leading a campaign against racism across the university campus, showing her dedication to building inclusive communities. Through her involvement in grassroots activism, Monika has gained valuable insights into how positive change can be made at different levels.

Outside of work, Monika likes to explore the cultural scene in Helsinki. Whether visiting museums or catching a movie at the cinema, she enjoys immersing herself in different forms of art. This passion for the arts reflects her curiosity and interest in understanding diverse perspectives, both personally and professionally.