Lari Hokkanen

Research Coordinator

+358 50 491 2431

Hi! I’m Lari, an aspiring human being and truth-seeking epistemic agent. I don’t know much, but I’m eager to learn.

I absolutely love experimental social science, behavioral sciences, complex Adaptive systems theory and Philosophy of science. At Demos Helsinki I apply these Theoretical perspectives in projects related to the use of scientific evidence in policy processes, Sustainability and social policy / health issues. My special interest to evidence-informed policy and social innovation stems from the question that how we can use all possible information and knowledge – from citizens’ experiential knowledge to scientific evidence – to address complex social problems without technocratic intentions.

In the past I have been hyper active in student organizations and research projects, won an international innovation competition, founded a co-operative and pursued prime minister appointed working group on inequality, among other things. In the future I’m going to be your local super cool and wise on duty docent (Adjunct prof) while saving the world with science, among other things.