Lari Hokkanen

Research Coordinator

+358 50 491 2431

Coordinating the implementation of societal impact and interaction of research projects is no small task, but luckily Lari knows the hang of it. The connection between science and public policy is what drives his work and he is our expert in evidence-informed policy helping lift our research to the next impactful level. Through his academic interests, Lari is able to combine behavioral sciences and social sciences in an experimental way that allows new paths for societal change. His special interest in evidence-informed policy arises from the question of how to use all possible information and knowledge – from citizens’ experiences to scientific evidence – to address complex social problems without technocratic intentions. 


In addition to his Demos Helsinki work, Lari is preparing a doctoral thesis for the University of Helsinki on the philosophy of science, which examines the explanatory role of cognition and mechanistic integration of knowledge of cognitive and social mechanisms in behavioural public policy. Even though Lari feels at home with research-oriented work, he has been involved in many kinds of endeavours, ranging from running his own company to being a part of many social policy-related projects in academia and beyond.


At Demos Helsinki, Lari has worked on projects like BeSP and SUDDEN.


Lari is a known New Order fan and once held a legendary house party for fellow fans playing New Order non-stop for eight hours straight.