Beatriz Vasconcellos (on leave)

Beatriz is a hands-on idealist who strongly believes in the government’s capacity to lead better societal outcomes. She works at the Transformative Governance team at Demos Helsinki, where she collectively tackles the challenge of making governments more resilient, and agents of systemic change. Her work work Ranges from reimagining new pathways and narratives regarding the future, to experimenting, learning and building long-term state capacity. She is the person to call if the challenge requires using the mind, heart and hands.


Prior to joining Demos Helsinki, Beatriz worked within the private and public sectors at local and national levels to co-develop and implement innovative governance approaches. She has accumulated experience in the design and delivery of long-term capacity building programs, grassroots engagement, and policy design and delivery. This diverse background reflects the ethos she brings to her work: a respect for local particularities and knowledge, and a systemic approach to the multiplicity of channels for public impact.


Her curiosity drives a range of interests inside and outside of Demos, particularly on the topics of digital governance, experimentation, inclusive prosperity, organizing movements, and the environment. Beatriz holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Bachelor’s in Economics from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.


Outside of work, Beatriz likes to write fiction stories and letters to friends, go on long hikes, meet friends for Beers and spend time with her family. She is very proud of her Hometown Rio de Janeiro and loves touring friends around.