Vera Djakonoff, she/her


+358 40 539 3751

Vera is a Consultant in the Transformative Governance team.


She specialises in the analysis and evaluation of the interface between policy and communication. Vera’s work focuses on foresight and innovation policy, and at Demos Helsinki, she has led projects in those areas.


Prior to joining Demos Helsinki, Vera accumulated experience working with public sector evaluations and communications. Her academic background is in political science and communication studies from the University of Helsinki (UH) and University College London. She is currently a Graduate student at UH, where her thesis touches on antirival information goods.


Vera’s life and work are guided by the idea that empathy should be an all-pervading force. For her, that means empathy should be presented in all phases of creating change: observation, planning, decision making, implementation and evaluation. She considers it to be the lifeblood of fair, sustainable and forward-looking transitions.