Anders Dressell

Legal Specialist (he/him)


Anders joined the finance & legal team as a legal specialist, bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge to his role. With a sharp analytical mind and a keen eye for detail, he specializes in navigating the complex landscapes of legal regulations. Anders has quickly become an invaluable asset to the team, known for his ability to provide clear, concise, and effective legal solutions. His dedication to excellence and his proactive approach to addressing legal challenges make him a respected and integral member of the team.

Before joining Demos Helsinki, Anders worked in the technology field, where he honed his skills in legal work related to the tech industry. His experience in this dynamic and fast-paced sector has endowed him with a unique perspective on the intersection of law and technology. Anders adeptly handled a variety of legal issues, from intellectual property rights to compliance and regulatory affairs, demonstrating his versatility and deep understanding of legal nuances. This background has equipped him with the ability to address complex legal challenges with innovative and effective solutions, further enhancing his role in the current team.

Outside of work you can find him playing football, golf or just wandering around enjoying the Finnish nature.