The world is undergoing rapid changes, and as a consequence many processes and tools utilised by governments and corporations are becoming outdated. To respond to the emerging challenges, many organisations have proceeded to shift away from old mindsets and move towards ‘experimental governance’. Experimentation is the new planning.

Experimentation can help organisations and leaders in many ways. It can accelerate learning, policy processes and development of new ideas. Systematic methods for turning uncertainties into probabilities are a must for an organisation that wants to be agile and benefit from emerging opportunities before others. Experimentation can also show what works. This is crucial when an organisation is considering scaling up new policies or allocating resources for new processes. Importantly, experimentation is also an efficient vehicle for collaboration: active engagement with stakeholders and end-users radically increases the feasibility and functionality of new ideas.

Experimentation specialists at Demos Helsinki support your organisation in adapting an experimental mindset. We help you use tools from lean methods to randomised controlled trials. We show you how to transform ideas into hypotheses and hypotheses into experiments. We provide systematic evaluations that ensure that your organisation learns and grows.

Demos Helsinki turns experiments into tangible services, policies, and other solutions.

Demos Helsinki has developed a cutting-edge approach to experimentation. This approach combines the state-of-the-art experimentation methodologies with co-creation and foresight.