Lilybell Evergreen


+358 40 664 6988

Lilybell is our go-to climate governance expert. We all know the need for a sustainable future but there are not many pathways to reach it. Governance, however, offers one and Lilybell knows how to utilise this. Having worked with several European cities, including the City of Tallinn, the European Green Capital 2023, she has to know-how to tackle multilevel problems through means of better coordination and leadership. She thrives on complexity.

These issues surpass country boundaries and so does Lilybell. An international mindset is set deep with her degree in International Studies and vast previous experience with international stakeholders. Before Demos Helsinki, she worked on various international cooperation and policy making projects, for example with the OSCE and Council of the Baltic Sea States.

At Demos Helsinki, Lilybell has worked with a range of clients and projects including NetZeroCities, a Horizon project supporting the EU Mission “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030.”

After hours, Lilybell is ambitious with her Finnish studies and aims to eventually be part of a project in Finnish. Her current favourite word is “höpö höpö.”