Eedla Sofia Rahikainen, she/her

People Lead & Legal Counsel

+358 44 060 5132

Eedla Rahikainen is Demos Helsinki’s very own lawyer and head of people matters.

She is driven by the mission to harness HR and legal for impact, always intrigued by the bigger picture behind individual practices and processes. She also acts as the secretary of the board of Demos Helsinki.

Eedla has graduated as a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Helsinki. Prior to Demos Helsinki, she has worked as the CEO of a legal HR company Paragraaffi and in the consultancy business at Trainers’ House. Her experience and interests circle around the interface of law & business, future of leadership and advocacy for human-centric working life.

Outside of work, Eedla is more likely to be found at sea or in a forest than at home. Also “all-things-grandma” are her piece of cake, including knitting, gardening and aqua-jogging.