Eedla Sofia Rahikainen

Senior Expert & Legal Counsel

+358 44 060 5132

As an expert of socio-ecological justice, Eedla strives for equal and prosperous societies for all. We need to transform many of our old ways of inhabiting this planet but in a manner that is fair and where everyone’s voice is being heard. In order to achieve this objective, Eedla is working especially on topics of just transitions, governance, and deliberative democracy.

Eedla is also Demos Helsinki’s very own lawyer, and, as Legal Counsel, she oversees the legal activities of Demos Helsinki. Prior to Demos Helsinki, she has worked as the CEO of a legal HR company and in consultancy business.

At Demos Helsinki, Eedla works as a case study leader in the TANDEM project and in a ministerial project of identifying skills and capabilities of the future, among other things.

Outside of work, “all-things-grandma” are Eedla’s cup of tea: knitting, gardening, mushroom hunting, aqua-jogging? Bring it on.