Atte Ojanen, he/him

Research Coordinator

+358 50 917 7994

Atte works as a research coordinator in the Emancipatory Economy team at Demos Helsinki.


His work centres on research projects and proposals related to societal effects of emerging technology and deliberative democracy. Atte is well-versed in research funding on social and economic transformations, especially within Horizon Europe.


Atte has an M.SocSc from the University of Turku, where he majored in practical philosophy, with his thesis concerning the political representation of future generations. Previously Atte has worked at the in-house think tank of the European Parliament and at the research unit of the Finnish Foreign Ministry, focusing on global trends and strategic foresight. Through his studies he also has expertise in AI ethics and governance from a socio-technical perspective.


In his free time, Atte can be found running in the outskirts of Helsinki while enjoying a podcast. He is also active in the effective altruism community and Turku AI Society, a think tank publishing on ethics of artificial intelligence.