Webinar: Emerging Changes in the Post-Pandemic World

Demos Helsinki’s foresight specialists are hosting a webinar on Wednesday 15 April at 8.30-10.00 am Helsinki time. 

The ongoing crisis has led companies and societies to face exceptional circumstances. Many have already concluded that there is no return to the past.

In our view, the pandemic only triggered many transformations that were already waiting out there. Including (but not limited to):

  • Post-capitalism: new attempts for governing the global economic system will emerge
  • Localism: globalisation, as free movement of people and goods, will enter a new phase
  • Deep adaptation: this pandemic will not be the last crisis, the lessons learnt now will be transferred into fighting the decade-long climate emergency

The ongoing ‘perfect storm’ will change societies and operating environments fundamentally. It creates challenges but also unique opportunities for companies, public organisations and NGOs to determine the direction of change and build a new normal following the crisis.

How to join the webinar 

Nearly 750 people from all around the world have registered to share insights on the future in the post-pandemic world. Thank you all for joining us!  

If you haven’t registered yet, register here.

1. Webinar Link. https://zoom.us/j/92924238462

2. Date & time. Wednesday, 15 April at 8.30-10.00 (UTC+3 Helsinki Time)

3. This is a Zoom webinar. If you’re joining your first Zoom meeting, the web browser will download Zoom automatically. Zoom is also available for manual download here. Registration takes only a couple of minutes. Google Chrome is a recommended browser to get maximum functionality, but you can also join from Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

4. Interaction. In addition to sharing our insights on how to navigate uncertain times, we have added interactive elements, such as polls and open questions to the webinar. Please participate – together we are more!

5. Content. We share the full presentation only with all webinar participants. Later we will also publish a more limited summary in a blog format.

See you on Wednesday morning! Click on the link, grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable ☕

More info: riku.mattila@demoshelsinki.fi

Article photo: Arto Marttinen