Kultu2030 – the Future of Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies

Energy and climate strategy, roadmap to a circular economy, Agenda2030. What is the role of sustainable consumption and production within these strategies? Do sustainable consumption and production need a strategy of their own? Which aspects should be included? To answer these questions, Ministry of the Environment has ordered a research from Demos Helsinki and Finnish Environmental Institute Syke. Research will be done with co-creation methods and published in summer 2017.

There has been two programmes to promote sustainable consumption and production in Finland. The first in 2005 and the second in 2012. Programmes produced several guidelines to improve sustainability of consumption and production and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental disadvantages of private and public consumption. This time our scope is in the year 2030. We examine the future of housing, mobility, food and public acquisitions from the perspective of megatrends. With our extensive group of experts and stakeholders we co-create recommendations for concrete actions to enhance the vision of the future of sustainable consumption and production.