Helsinki Challenge

Helsinki Challenge is a science based idea competition and an accelerator led by University of Helsinki in collaboration with 10 Finnish universities. Helsinki Challenge was started because societies everywhere are in dire need for impactful, science based solutions addressing the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN.  The three themes of Helsinki Challenge in 2017 are ‘People in Change’, ‘Sustainable Planet’ and ‘Urban Future’. Moreover, Helsinki Challenge is a platform for collaboration: 20 selected semifinalists will develop their mind blowing solutions together with experts, advisors, industry, media, decision makers and public sector. Besides developing feasible, impact driven and science based solutions, Helsinki Challenge aims to support the development of the super star researchers capabilities in co-creation and interaction.

The idea that guides Helsinki Challenge is that science provides the basis for radical innovations. Reaching the top requires extraordinary thinking, the questioning of existing habits, new practices and global encounters. This makes the basis for something extraordinary. Multidisciplinary meetings with multiple actors lead to ideas with genuine creative power and the ability to make a difference in society.

Something always has and always will spring from the encounters between the science community, industry, policy makers, the media, the public sector and alumni. It is a prerequisite for our vitality. This is why the University of Helsinki wants to further increase cooperation with actors interested in the creation of something new. Demos Helsinki is a partner of the University of Helsinki, and the other universities, in Helsinki Challenge.

Helsinki Challenge was first organized in 2015 by the University of Helsinki. Demos Helsinki has been the co-creation partner in Helsinki Challenge since the first time.

Project is lead by Mikael Sokero


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