AI 4.0: Finland as a leader in the twin transition

Launched in 2020, The Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme summarises the areas for development, objectives and measures to help Finland ensure its success in the digital and green transitions. In November 2020, Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä appointed a steering group led by Jussi Herlin to prepare an action plan for Finland to speed up the introduction of artificial intelligence and to promote the fourth industrial revolution. Read the Final Report (in English) here.


Demos Helsinki has supported and facilitated the work of the programme’s thematic working groups and helped to synthesise the results of their work into clear and practical action points. This work has resulted in a final report, Finland as a leader in the twin transition – Final report of the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme (currently only available in Finnish).


Upon meeting the objectives of the Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme (Tekoäly 4.0), Finland’s industry will be clean, efficient and digital in 2030. Finland can lead the way in the ethical digital and green transition.


Thematic working groups, along with an extensive network of cross-sectoral stakeholders, have identified and prepared the measures to achieve the programme’s vision. Demos Helsinki has compiled the report based on the work of the working groups with the support of the Secretariat and the Steering Group. The final report presents the key messages of the entire Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme.


Demos Helsinki also supported the Ministry in compiling the second interim report, Finland to become a winner in a twin transition, in December 2021.


Vera Djakonoff

Olli Bremer
Chief Operating Officer


This project comes as part of Demos Helsinki’s broader mission to empower both governance structures and the private sector to deliver a fair, sustainable, and joyful next era. Technology provides an exciting space for governments, industry, and citizens to identify shared progress. Our work in this interaction between technology, governments, and industry is wide-ranging. You can review some of it in the side links.

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