Olli Bremer

Senior Expert


+358 46 6000 804

Olli has worked with us since early 2016 working in a variety of capacities and across all sorts of projects. Thus, he is a go to person whenever we need to be able to connect different aspects of our work and sew together a coherent whole.

Olli is mostly engaged in activities where we are building coalitions or alliances aligned with our ethos, and his expertise lies in leadership and management practices for initiatives and practices for societal impact and systemic change. Olli’s background is in Technology and Engineering so he brings a fresh breeze to the jolly crowd of social scientists. 

Recently Olli has been working on governance and impact models in our engagements United Nations Development Program, on the future of care, and on alternative economic indicators through Horizon Europe funded project MERGE.  

Reading extensively is always the dream and lately Olli has been happy about the variety of exposure he has gotten to different fields.