Mikael Sokero

Lead, Capacity Building


+358 40 164 6453

Connecting the needs of the future and the present is easier said than done,  and Mikael knows that. Through years of experience, we are proud to say Mikael has truly conquered the art of strategic foresight. No wonder his expertise is in high demand. We strongly believe foresight plays a key role in the strategic planning of all organisations and actors in the 21st century: without visions of the future, our actions are diluted to reactions. However, foresight isn’t merely a method or a part of a process, which is why Mikael is also here to help you build your capacities and practices toward an anticipatory mindset. In case you are fed up with hindsight and reactive firefighting, give Mikael a call!

Public governance has been at the center of Mikael’s work even prior to Demos Helsinki. He joined us when Demos Helsinki acquired the think tank Avanto Helsinki in 2015 whose co-founder Mikael was. His study background is in international development.

At Demos Helsinki, Mikael has worked especially with the public sector: for instance, with national governments, universities, and the UN. He has trained and advised governments across a range of geographies and contexts such as the Philippines, Latvia, Brazil, Finland, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, North Macedonia, and South Sudan. Recently, he has been working with the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, supported by UNHCR, IOM, and UNFPA, in developing anticipatory policymaking processes and capabilities to create and use foresight to address complex, important issues. He is no stranger to developing entirely new approaches in governance: for example, working with the lead of Sir Geoff Mulgan to envision what anticipatory public budgeting could look like.

If you’re not already excited enough to meet Mikael, you will be when you hear that his CV includes the prestigious position of Elf under Santa Claus!