Liisa Perjo

Senior Expert

Liisa is a social scientist who thrives when she gets to analyse, understand, and explain how things work in policy and urban planning. She is especially into exploring approaches that make cities better drivers for just and inclusive sustainability transitions. In her work, she supports European cities and regions in developing democratic governance and planning practices for collective action towards socially and ecologically sustainable transformations.

Before joining Demos, Liisa has been doing qualitative applied research on policy, governance, and urban planning at Nordic and Swedish research institutes. In addition to her research experience, she has been supporting cities and regions with just transition at an environmental NGO and at a regional spatial planning department.

At Demos Helsinki, Liisa is part of the NetZeroCities Horizon Europe initiative. 

Right now, Liisa enjoys being back in Helsinki after living abroad for more than a decade. She had really missed the Finnish chocolate scene and you can now often find her by the Pätkis and Fazerina shelfs at the corner shop.