Juha Leppänen

Chief Executive


+358 40 700 6585

It’s easy to talk the talk, but we take pride in also walking the walk. And ensuring that this happens is our very own Juha. How to build operational hypotheses to truly drive change forward? What is the “form” in “transformation”? How to organize collective action? Juha isn’t afraid to tackle the tough questions. With his transformative mindset, Juha leads our work to create systematic change and actual impact.

Advising actors from private corporations like Nokia to NGOs like the IFRC, from multilateral institutions like the UN to national governments like Finland, France and Brazil, Juha has worked on building new forms of change in versatile arenas. He has a special interest in the new forms governance must take in our time. Juha has worked on countless projects, including FIMO, Humble Governance and Turning the Tide.

Juha takes walking the walk also literally. Besides work you can find him walking, and walking, and walking and walking. He is a walker like no other and could easily outwalk our whole team!