Johannes Anttila

Senior Policy Expert

+358 44 535 1152

Johannes is a thinker, a doer and an eternal optimist with a heart and mind set on a sustainable, just and joyful future. A member of the Governance Innovation team, Johannes’s policy, innovation and research work revolves around the themes of the future of public governance and technology that works for society – designing governance models, tools and practices that enable governments to steer their societies towards democratically formulated better futures. To do this, Johannes  has worked with and led consortiums consisting of partners ranging from various sectors of government, some of the Worlds largest technology companies, Universities and civil society actors, in Finland and globally. These projects have taken the shape of Futures thinking and foresight activities, governance design, strategy processes and impactful, vision-driven co-creation – pushing for transformative politics with governance capable of delivering these changes.

Johannes is   also a requested speaker and has appeared on all major media outlets in Finland. He sits on Demos Helsinki’s Board of Directors for the term 2020-2022.