Iacopo Gronchi




Iacopo works as a consultant at Demos Helsinki’s Governance Innovation team. In his work, he focuses on nurturing ideas and crafting brand new content for international public and private stakeholders in a variety of fields, such as policy analysis; narrative development; theoretical and empirical research on governance; and future-oriented, imaginative think pieces. Iacopo is currently finalizing his Master’s studies in Politics, Institutions, and Markets at the University of Florence, Italy. His research and professional interests include:
  • Governance of innovation systems and public sector dynamic capabilities 
  • Comparative political economy and comparative public policy analysis
  • Co-creative policy design and collaborative governance development
Prior to joining Demos Helsinki, Iacopo has interned both as a research and administrative assistant in a Danish university, a public research center, and the Italian Chamber of Deputies. He also volunteers at CBLab – an NGO and policy lab helping local municipalities to enhance their capabilities through evidence-based and participatory approaches to policy design. Besides, Iacopo spares his time running, resting, listening, and daydreaming.