Iacopo Gronchi

Junior Consultant



Iacopo works in Demos Helsinki research operations, where his tasks also include cooperation with the Governance Innovation team. He is finalising his Master’s studies in Politics, Institutions, and Markets at the University of Florence, Italy. He also volunteers at CBLab – an Italian NGO and policy lab, helping local municipalities to enhance their capabilities through evidence-based and participatory approaches to policy design. Iacopo’s research interests include:
  • Governance of innovation systems and public sector dynamic capabilities 
  • Comparative political economy and comparative public policy analysis
  • Co-creative policy design and collaborative governance development
Prior to joining Demos Helsinki, Iacopo has interned both as a research and administrative assistant in the academic (Copenhagen Business School, DK), public (INAPP – National institute for public policy analysis, IT) and political sectors (Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies, IT). Besides work and studies, Iacopo devotes his spare time to nature and music, playing the piano or acoustic guitar.