Iacopo Gronchi



+39 36 634 15195

Iacopo is our go-to expert in mission management. Societal transformations are changing the playing field of public governance. Public sector organisations are called on to reflect on the very purpose of their work: in other words, on their mission. That’s why Iacopo’s own mission is to help public managers achieve this goal. He believes that igniting their strategic imagination is key to helping them lead their organisations to reckon with the most urgent challenges of our times.

A committed pragmatist, Iacopo strives to bridge the depth of academic thinking with a sharp focus on everyday practice by complementing his work at Demos Helsinki with a PhD in Innovation & Public Policy at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP). Before and during his period at Demos Helsinki, he has worked across politics, the public sector, and academia.

At Demos Helsinki, Iacopo has provided advice to a vast range of stakeholders, including the Finnish Government, Meta, and the Laudes Foundation.

In a not-so-far past, Iacopo’s main intellectual engagement entailed the study of bird songs and manakin dances. Whatever happened in between now and then, nobody knows.