Iacopo Gronchi, he/him



+39 36 634 15195

Iacopo works in the Transformative Governance team. He believes in pragmatic imagination as the key to meaningful societal transformation. In his projects, he focuses on reimagining how governments can steer collective action through the purposeful engagement of private and societal stakeholders. To do so, he ideates, co-creates, and delivers actionable visions and proposals for governance innovation through white papers, research papers, policy briefs, presentations, and the like.


Before Demos, Iacopo covered different roles in academia, the public sector, and politics. Along this journey, he grew an interest in how transformations within government can spur innovations across society to meet ambitious challenges. Today, he explores this at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP), where he also does research and teaching as a PhD Candidate. He holds two Master’s Degrees in Political Science (Sant’Anna School) and Politics, Institutions, and Markets (University of Florence). He is based in London.


Outside of work, Iacopo is likely found in a hunt for new aesthetic stimuli – playing and listening to music being the foremost. Besides, he fools around with friends; runs; goes clubbing; writes; takes on sports he never fully sticks with; most importantly, daydreams.