Iacopo Gronchi, he/him



+39 36 634 15195

Iacopo is a curious thinker, a resolute optimist, and an impact-driven individual. He works in Demos Helsinki’s Transformative Governance team, where he helps all sorts of stakeholders imagine and implement new ways to govern collective action.


From concept development to policy implementation, Iacopo’s work hones his creative and analytical skills to help enable governments, public agencies, private companies and philanthropic foundations proofread new ideas and put them in motion. If you need someone to jot down an imaginative think piece, a thorough piece of research or a governance model, then Iacopo can help you out.


Before joining Demos Helsinki, Iacopo worked across academia, public sector, and politics. Along this journey, his research and professional interests grew twofold and complementary to each other – them being governance innovation (i.e.,how governments change their ways of governing collective action) and innovation governance (i.e., how technological and social innovation can be governed for good). In both of these, he accumulated overtime a diverse experience in a wide range of research methods and policy design. Iacopo holds a Masters degree in Politics, Institutions and Markets from the University of Florence.


In September 2022, he will begin a Phd in Innovation & Public Policy at the University College London – Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (UCL IIPP).


Outside of work Iacopo is likely found in search of new aesthetic and intellectual stimuli. A lover of philosophy and of the seven arts – most notably, music – he genuinely believes in their edifying and transformative potential. Besides, Iacopo spares his time running in the woods, (learning to) play tennis, resting, and daydreaming.