Erkki Perälä

Team Lead

+358 50 572 1930

Did you know that cities account for over 70% of global emissions? Erkki sure does, which is why he works on supporting the decarbonisation of several European cities. He is especially intrigued by connecting the narratives of climate change and the built environment, and finds cities a practically-sized unit to implement these connections. So if it’s expertise on urban climate governance or low-carbon construction that you’re looking for, look no further: Erkki is your person!

Erkki has a background in consultancy, communications, and politics. This combination has equipped him with a useful toolkit to both strategise and implement societal change. He knows his way around political dynamics and processes, and phrasing impactful policy briefs.

At Demos Helsinki, Erkki leads our work on NetZeroCities and helps organisations craft future-proof strategies and build models for citizen and stakeholder engagement.

And no worries if email is not your thing – there are more than a few ways to connect with Erkki: for example, feel free to send him a message in — — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. .