Aleksi Neuvonen


+358 50 534 4241

Aleksi Neuvonen is the founder of Demos Helsinki alongside Roope Mokka. His work focuses on understanding change (and unchange) of societies and organisations. As a futures researcher his main interests are technology and human behaviour.

Aleksi’s core competencies are: 

  • Foresight, scenarios, visions, and using them in strategies
  • Identifying forces of societal change and their impact
  • Urban change

Aleksi has been creating Demos Helsinki’s vision on social change, which  is practically the basis of all Demos’s work and its way of perceiving social impact. Aleksi has also built a societal vision on sustainable well-being in Next Era program together with Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund.

Aleksi has taught future studies in the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. He has started his career in innovation research at VTT

Aleksi Neuvonen is a long-standing board member in Crisis Management Initiative of Nobel laureate and former president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari and in Ruohonjuuri/Happy Food Store, the ecological retail chain. Aleksi is finalizing his phd in Tampere University of Technology, Finland and Radboud University, Netherlands..