University of Helsinki: New Generation PhD Training

Demos Helsinki developed a new generation PhD training with the University of Helsinki in 2019. Based on background research and workshops, we found ways in which doctoral education can better support diverse career paths, the identification of competencies and skills, and a stronger sense of community.

Universities’ old monopoly positions regarding data, information, professions, and their elite status in society is unraveling all around the world. Solving the grand challenges of our time needs scientific knowledge, its compilation, and interpretation maybe more than ever.

The political, cultural and economic environment of universities is changing in Finland and globally. These changes have effects on researcher education.  

The co-creation project of the University of Helsinki and Demos Helsinki aimed to develop practices to better prepare doctoral candidates for various career paths, multidisciplinary teamwork, intersectoral collaboration, interaction and networking.

The work started with a wide survey-based background study to map current PhD candidates’ views. Based on the background study, we planned and facilitated two co-development workshops, and compiled a “Playbook of Development Ideas” that can be immediately implemented.

Download: “Navigating a New Generation PhD Training at the University of Helsinki” 

Read more about the results of the project in our blog: “The Changing Roles of Universities: Three Ways for Doctoral Education to Respond

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