The present and future of sustainability in Finland’s technology industry

Survey results show that Finnish technology companies are moving away from “sustainability strategies” and towards sustainable strategies.


Technology Industries of Finland has emphasised the importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In the past years, the organisation has incentivised and encouraged socially and environmentally responsible behaviour among its members.


In the spring of 2022, the organisation wanted to assess the status of its corporate responsibility and proactive sustainable actions. To do this, they conducted a nationwide study, engaging business owners, CEOs and other members of executive teams. Demos Helsinki and Kuulas Helsinki designed a survey and conducted interviews with members of the organisation. The survey collected responses from 206 Finnish technology companies, of which 63 were large corporations, and 143 were SMEs.


There were three core angles that we explored in this survey:
(i) Companies’ current activities related to sustainability
(ii) Companies’ sense of responsibility in driving forward a desirable future
(iii) Companies’ view of the future and the future role of sustainability


This future focus was a unique angle compared to other similar surveys from around the globe. We included a series of questions addressing how companies see their role in preparing for the near future and steering the most desirable version for it. We saw how they embed resilience in their strategies and how they see sustainability evolve as a core corporate value — not just an add-on objective. Moreover, we could observe precisely what actions empower them with the utmost sense of agency in pursuing a viable, desirable future.


This project is part of Demos Helsinki’s broader mission to empower governance structures and the private sector to deliver a fair, sustainable, and joyful next era. Technology provides an exciting space for governments, industry, and citizens to identify shared progress. Our work in this interaction between technology, governments, and industry is wide-ranging.


Moreover, thanks to our brave partners, we are constantly building the tools and methods that can help companies optimise their operations for a societal purpose. These survey results show that the technology industry in Finland is actively engaging in a conversation about the industry’s responsibility to lead through sustainable action.


You can read the full survey report here (in Finnish).


What can your company do to steer a viable future instead of just adapting to an uncertain one?


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