TAIKA – Key Project of the Government: Defining a Model for Integrating Arts into Social Welfare Services through experimentation

Demos Helsinki is the closest partner of the Ministry of Education and Culture in TAIKA project. In TAIKA 7 promising and innovative arts interventions are co-planned with a broad group of participants. These arts forms are tested in social and health care contexts such as hospitals and elderly care centers. Experiments are evaluated and results are brought forwards through minister’s recommendations.

Most integral part of the project is a stakeholder process which has enabled social and health sector and arts sector actors to define the experiments jointly. The combination of co-creation and experimentation aims for creating a sustainable funding model and policy recommendations in which beneficial arts interventions are eventually funded from the social and health sector budgets.

Demos Helsinki and the Culture of Education and Culture is applying the experimentation model created by Demos Helsinki and recommended by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office.