A Shared Objective for the Future of Work

It has been speculated that work as we know it will be changing.  This uncertainty and the risk involved has instigated research into the possibilities and how to adapt. In Finland, the Prime Minister’s Office commissioned Demos Helsinki to develop a shared aim and understanding for the future of work.

To that end, Demos Helsinki as part of a larger, international consortium conducted background interviews with international organizations and brought the stakeholders together to share their opinions, worries, and ideas.  It researched the problematic issues, identified the initiatives and experiments, and facilitated the stakeholder discussions.  With this new knowledge compiled, a shared aim and vision on how we can adapt took form.

The project is still ongoing, but a report and presentation are planned to provide policymakers with options on how to manage the future of work. To see a past project on future of work scenarios, check out Work 2040 – Scenarios for the Future of Work.