Health 2050

Health 2050 is a broad study by Demos Helsinki and The National Institute for Health and Welfare that draws attention to the freedom of choice in health-related matters and to the future of health in general. It produces new information about the opportunities the municipalities, organizations and corporates have to improve health in the changing society and describes the changes in the operational environment that affect people and organizations.

The main focus of the study is on the choices and actions people make about their health, the supporting service models and new partnerships.

The study is based on the report Terveyden tasa-arvon tulevaisuus (The Future of the Equal Health) from 2014 and on a series of expert workshops. Altogether 150 experts from different fields and professions took part to six workshops. Demos Helsinki was responsible for the background research, workshop planning and workshop facilitation. Participatory workshops were carried out by using backcasting scenario method that is developed by Demos Helsinki. The scenario material has awoken broad interest among different stakeholders. It has been a sought after topic for several workshops and keynotes immediately after its release.

You can read the Health 2050 report from here.

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