Well-being of the Metropolis

The Helsinki region carries unique potential for lasting wealth. The strength of the region lies in the breath of capacities of its citizens: sustainable success of the metropolis can only arise from its people, with whom it can create sustainable well-being.

This means that we make solving the great global challenges a priority on the public and private sectors as well as in the actions of individuals and communities. It can be done if every kind of know-how and zeal is directed at the most wicked problems of our time. This is the only ethically sustainable starting point for a human-centric society.

Fortunately it is also the key to wealth and well-being. The solutions for these wicked problems will always be in demand in the other metropolises, regardless of business cycles and global competition.

Authors: Olli Alanen, Antti Hautamäki, Tuuli Kaskinen, Outi Kuittinen, Tommi Laitio, Roope Mokka, Aleksi Neuvonen, Kaisa Oksanen, Satu Onnela, Mikko Rissanen, Simo Vassinen, Ville Viljanen

Graphic design: Suunnittelutoimisto BOTH