Politics of Happiness – A Manifesto

Most of us value happiness over wealth. In a democratic society this fact should influence politics. Happiness studies in the recent years however show that people are appallingly bad in evaluating what really makes us happy. The recent developments in scientific happiness studies from economics to psychology are ripe for politisation of the findings.

This manifesto is quest to bring together the growing body of findings from happiness studies to conceive what sustainable well-being could be. The manifesto explains how better and deeper free time, participation and togetherness, meaningful places, a new culture of well-being and the deepening of our relationships enable the just building of happiness.

Authors: Olli Alanen, Tuuli Kaskinen, Aleksi Neuvonen, Roope Mokka, Tommi Laitio, Satu Onnela, Outi Silfverberg, Simo Vassinen

Graphic design: Kirmo Kivelä and Inari Savola