Health 2050 – Four scenarios for human-driven health and freedom of choice

This scenario report examines how hidden resources in people and communities can be better utilized to tackle the toughest challenges of health and healthcare.

Ageing population, digitalization, freedom of choice, and prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases are among the main reasons healthcare systems are reformed. Today, the average office worker sits for about ten hours day. This behaviour is associated with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and increased risk of cancer incidence and mortality respectively. How does one combat such illnesses with a traditional healthcare system?

Our vision for the future is: in a healthy society people are capable of living healthy lives. People’s healthy choices can be supported. The main driver for this vision is increasing the capabilities of people in the age of choice, and it also makes economic sense.

Health 2050 scenario report presents four future scenarios that illustrate how overall perceived health in society can be doubled without increasing the total health costs. Nine human-driven insights arose from the four scenarios that will produce better health in the future.

These scenarios were co-created with more than 140 professionals engaged in six different backcasting scenario workshops and are based on extensive research from a previously published Demos Helsinki baseline report on health and freedom of choice.

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